Volkswagen T4 Vehicle Wrap


This 20+ year old VW Transporter van was looking very tired for its age and over the years has has several body repairs and paint spray touch-ups, so the owner wanted a complete vinyl wrap. But before I could do any wrapping I had to prepare the vehicle's bodywork by filling and sanding all the visibly rough areas, which included failing paint lacquer and this is a relatively slow process.

Before I could order the vinyl, I had to select the closest matching colour, after some searching I went for Avery Supreme Carmine Red.

Avery Supreme wrapping film - Carmine Red
Avery Supreme wrapping film – Carmine Red



The paintwork on the van was in very bad condition, the van had clearly had many paint touch-ups and the lacquer was failing in several places.

There were many large patches of lacquer failing from previous paint touch-ups, so I had to rub down the whole van using wet n dry. There were also areas that required some extra attention, this included the wheel arches which were showing some signs of corrosion. So I flattened as much of the flaking rust as I could and used rust killer to stop any further spread of corrosion. Next I coated with etch primer and then finished with some clear lacquer so the vinyl would have a good surface to adhere to.



At the beginning of the project my progress was always going to be slow because of all the preparation to the body work. But with each completed panel it soon began to take shape, giving this tired old looking van a new lease of life.

The new vinyl looked so bright next to the old paint, and should stay that way for a minimum of 5 years IF looked after properly by the owner.


Carbon-effect vinyl wrapped wing mirrors
The original plan was to wrap the wing mirrors using ‘carbon-effect’ vinyl but later on I re-wrapped these as we wanted the whole van to be covered with the awesome Avery Carmine Red.


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