Paint Protection Films (PPF)

VinylWrapper.UK now offer services in the installation of Paint Protection Films (PPF), which add an important layer of protection to surfaces that are likely to get chipped or scratched over time.

PPF is very popular within the autosport and classic car industries and is now gaining momentum in other areas such as the marine and architectural industries.

Areas to consider having protection films on yachts include hand rails, high quality wooden furniture, exposed pillars, mullions, marble surfaces etc. If you would like to discuss having PPF installed on your yacht, please contact James on Whatsapp +44 7743 795915 or email:

PPF installed to a luxury yacht’s folding table (I was hired by Generation Graphics for this installation)

We already have previous marine industry PPF installation experience and we have recently added to this by completing the ‘HEXIS Academy Paint Protection Course‘, so we are now up to date with the latest installation techniques and materials. Paint Protection Films can be used on your luxury Superyacht as it is especially important to protect the high traffic areas of your vessel, preventing vulnerable surfaces from scratches and daily wear and tear.

PPF will give some protection for your vessel against external aggressions such as: Scratches, Stone chips, Abrasion etc. Most manufacturers of these films claim to offer UV protection but having completed a course in the correct practises with these films, I was told by the tutors that the amount of UV protection is very very minuscule – so I only encourage customers to have these films with the main goal of protection from stone chips and scratches.

In addition, PPF facilitates cleaning by preventing dirt from adhering to the paint, helping to keep your yacht looking like new.

We use only the higher end brands for PPF, because they are self-healing and light scratches can be removed easily. PPF comes in gloss or matt versions and can be applied directly over the top of painted, varnished or metal surfaces, as well as any vinyl wrapped sections of your luxury yacht.

Paint protection films (PPF) can be applied to the hand rails on your luxury yacht

We can apply PPF to:

  • Hull and superstructure
  • Interior painted, varnished or vinyl wrapped walls
  • Wooden furniture
  • Staircases and banister railings
  • Corridor walkway sections
  • Pillars / Columns

If you would like to find out more about how PPF can benefit your luxury yacht, motorboat or vehicles, please contact James at: .
Or alternatively you can call: +44 7743 795915.

PPF applied to protect this bedroom table furniture
Corridor/passageway vinyl wrap
Corridor/passageway with matt ppf applied
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