Mast refurbishment with vinyl wrapping

Mast refurbishment with vinyl wrapping

I now have experience in working on vinyl wraps to large sailing yacht masts like the one in the image shown below. To achieve fast results, you need a team of experienced vinyl wrappers, so if you are looking to refurbish the masts on your yacht with vinyl please get in touch.

If your yacht requires the mast(s) vinyl wrapped, then I can definitely help you. You can use the contact form or simply call +44 7743 795915.

Job Details

For this vinyl wrap project in Palma (Spain) we had several large masts to wrap in cream vinyl. To achieve a professional finish, it takes thorough preparation, so we had to make sure the masts were all nice and smooth and well cleaned before wrapping. We used cut-tape underneath the vinyl which rules out the need to use our scalpels for trimming on the masts.

This job took several weeks with a team or 4 and we stayed at a local B&B, so we arrived each morning nice and early. Obviously with such a large project, we were able to break it up into smaller more manageable pieces.

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Vinyl wrapping is becoming increasingly popular within the marine industry and beyond. Are you looking to have something wrapped?

If your luxury yacht has a mast that needs vinyl wrapping, please contact James at:
Or alternatively you can call: +44 7743 795915.


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